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E85 ethanol no cure for gas emissions: report – Winnipeg Free Press

“Ottawa’s push to use high-level ethanol fuel in cars is doing little or nothing to cut Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions nor will it, says a government briefing note prepared for Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt and obtained by Canwest News Service.”

We stumbled across this story in the local paper. As eco-drivers we are always curious about new sources of renewable fuels and new vehicle technologies that will improve fuel economy, reduce the cost of transportation, and most importantly reduce CO2 emissions. Bio-fuels have been a hot topic for some time, and governments have actively encouraged car makers to produce specially modified (e.g., E85 flex-fuel) vehicles that can run on both regular gasoline blends as well as the 85% ethanol 15% gasoline blends as they become available. As noted in the article, in reality, most of these vehicles will never have a drop of E85 in their tanks over the course of their lives on the road. It is only available in 4 locations around the country, none of them in Manitoba. Car manufacturers even get credits for selling these more “environmentally friendly” vehicles, regardless of the fuel actually used to run them.

The government of Manitoba currently mandates that suppliers of fuel much replace at least 8.5% of the fuel available for sale with ethanol. The most common  manifestation of this mandate is in the 10% ethanol/90% gasoline blend for sale at a some gas stations.

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