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Students at Emerson Elementary Schopl signed their Idle-Free banner

Well..its on its way anyway. Melissa was fortunate enough to be able to drive out to Emerson yesterday (at 100km/h, obviously)  to visit with the friendly students and Staff of Emerson Elementary School. Their principal, Colin Toms is acting as a leader to spread the anti-idling message, as well as the signs around the community. Melissa was also asked to take 10 minutes to speak with the town council, which is responsible for giving permission for any signs put up around the community. They were also warm and welcoming and seemed quite open to the idea. Their primary concern was with enforcing the anti-idling message. While this is a legitimate concern, we want everyone to know that these signs simply act as a reminder to drivers that idling is harmful, and asks them to turn off.

Thank you Emerson for the invitation and the hospitality!


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